Goal Oriented Approach

Optimising case specific electronic monitoring for effective judicial interventions

From Tool to Knowledge

Applying technology in the justice chain demands guarantees in quality. GOA Decision Support System is designed to support judicial professionals and decision makers with case specific guidelines for the effective use of electronic monitoring. Expertly integrating complex technologies with risk assessment tools, methodologies, scientific research and literature, GOA Decision Support System is the EM-platform to go to.

From tool to knowledge - GOA

For whom?

GOA Decision Support System is suitable for all organisations and decision makers involved in judicial interventions in the criminal justice chain. It services those who have to consider the use of technologies in individual cases: Prisons, Rehabilitation, Judiciary.

For who - GOA

The Product

GOA Decision Support System is an Electronic Monitoring platform that guides you in effectively applying technologies under the umbrella of wearable and carriable Electronic Monitoring at the offence level. The software consists of three parts: an advice tool, a knowledge base and a manual or follow-up protocol.

Advice tool

Clearly structured and following a number of logical process steps, the advice tool draws up customised advice for each case.

Knowledge base

When composing the EM profile, one can make use of the knowledge database which contains scientific research and a FAQ.


The manual shows what actions to take based on technology, notification, risk and target group, and can be used as a follow-up protocol.

Intensify or reduce

Additionally, EM-profiles can be saved, evaluated and when desired adjusted by intensifying or reducing the application of technologies.

Application of technologies

An EM profile is created based on:

  • Offences committed in the categories vice, violence, property and drugs;
  • Legal Principles, such as proportionality and subsidiarity
  • Outcomes of (previously) applied risk assessment in the specific case;
  • The risk and protective factors, scope and intensity of the problem;
  • An evaluation concerning the presence or absence of contraindications for the application of technologies;
  • Offender characteristics and recidivism information based on literature and scientific research;
  • An assessment of the case’s judicial past;
  • The intended purpose of the application of the technologies and where applicable, the appropriate intensity.

Flexible and tailor-made

The design of GOA Decision Support System is tailor-made and can differ per jurisdiction. Nuances are made on the basis of the target group to which EM is to be applied, the technologies under the name of EM that are applicable or used in a country, the law and regulations, the offences for which EM can be applied and other ruling judiciary variables.

 GOA Decision Support System is flexible and can be tailored to any Electronic Monitoring Programme.

Electronic Monitoring Software - GOA

Our Values

GOA Decision Support System aims to increase the safety of the society by providing guidelines for the effective use of technologies using scientific research and literature and observing legal principles such as proportionality and subsidiarity.

Simple process steps

The software is clearly structured and, by following a number of logical process steps, draws up customised settings advice for each case.

Available 24/7

GOA Decision Support System can be used anytime and anywhere to create an EM profile.

Accessible from all devices

GOA Decision Support System can draw up EM profiles on any device: smartphone, tablet and desktop.

VIA 2021

With the support of the European Fund for Regional Development, Goal Oriented Approach-software B.V. develops software applications that are intended to use Electronic Monitoring technologies in an effective way to prevent recidivism. GOA uses the regulation VIA 2021.

VIA 2020


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